Factor -8-3f+2(-6f-2f^2)

Factor -1 out of -8-3f+2(-6f-2f2).
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Reorder the expression.
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Reorder -6f and -2f2.
Move -8.
Reorder -3f and 2(-2f2-6f).
Factor -1 out of 2(-2f2-6f).
Factor -1 out of -3f.
Rewrite -8 as -1(8).
Factor -1 out of -(-2(-2f2-6f))-(3f).
Factor -1 out of -(-2(-2f2-6f)+3f)-1(8).
Apply the distributive property.
Multiply -2 by -2.
Multiply -6 by -2.
Add 12f and 3f.
Factor -8-3f+2(-6f-2f^2)

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