Graph the Union (or) y>2*-5 , y<=-3*8

y>2⋅-5 , y≤-3⋅8
Multiply 2 by -5.
y>-10 or y≤-3⋅8
Multiply -3 by 8.
y>-10 or y≤-24
The union consists of all of the elements that are contained in each interval.
y≤-24 or y>-10
The result can be shown in multiple forms.
Inequality Form:
y≤-24 or y>-10
Interval Notation:
<div data-graph-input="{"graphs":[{"ascii":"y-10","isGrey":false,"dashed":false,"holes":[]}],"asymptotes":[],"segments":[],"areaBetweenCurves":[],"points":[],"HasGraphInput":true}” class=”GraphWrapper”>
Graph the Union (or) y>2*-5 , y<=-3*8

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